Yangtze Hotel Extension
The project is located west of Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel underground garage roof clearing. Region surrounding environment supporting full maturity. Two projects into one of the service office, where A hunchback for the new building, located in the Yangtze Hotel original parking place, the ground floor is the hotels underground garage Yangtze, B floor of the existing four-storey office building addition of 5 layers, and open up the A1 sealed together as Tan layer - a whole building. The building has five-star senior banquet hall and office space, with a total construction area of ​​52,398 square meters. On the use of glass curtain wall facade design and light-colored stone combined with the pursuit of simple, modern, fluent language, no excessive decoration, highlighting the construction steel structure itself expressive.


Add: Shanghai Yan
Area: 52,000㎡
schedule: Completed in 2012