Cultural Center 1885 Lujiazui

Cultural Center 1885 Lujiazui, Pudong Century song page directory is located Avenue SN2-1, SN2-2 block from Century Boulevard, Mall Road, Laoshan Road and enclosure made, in the southwest corner of Lot retains an old Shanghai Shi Tocumen famous house. The project to sophisticated architectural tradition for the tone, interspersed with elements of modern architecture, modern traditional coexist attempt. Sophisticated architectural essence here to get a new reaction and extension. Four to four-story buildings around a synthesis - a semi-open public space. The main building with white walls, gray bricks, black tiles traditional languages ​​and connected body of steel, glass, aluminum and interesting modern languages ​​in stark contrast to the design of modern and classical, Western and Eastern interactive make 1885 be another - a Shanghai charm with modern casual dining center.

Add: Shanghai Pudong
Area: 15,000㎡
schedule: Completed in 2008