Rugao County Lishui

The project planning and design concepts: (1) Mixed Community (2) times Street Life (3) natural symbiosis. Through the project location and size of land
Analysis, the project is a large residential community. Therefore, learn new urbanism concept, we strive to focus on urban atmosphere, natural beauty and community building,
Emphasis on functional mix, complete and perfect, diverse crowd, convenient transportation and full of vitality and regional competitiveness.
   ArtDeco style building with a classic heritage building specially sense of time, athletic and elegant, timeless experience time scouring wash features, with
Innovation, optimism, self-confidence and freedom to enjoy life a new attitude main class values ​​consistent with the style of the building will have a unique shape and its
Style of the citys appearance, shape the citys cultural spirit, continued to constitute a part of the citys history.

Add: Jiangsu Rugao
Area: 221,000㎡
schedule: Construction