Kunshan Kuncheng Regal Court

Planning Master Plan will be English garden city concept advocated Zhaihua De weeping use residential design, there is a clear general plane forming a community center, full of natural growth and various parts of the structure, and this structure
Chinese traditional "Heaven and Germany, and the seasons are the same sequence" coincides with the traditional concept of Heaven. Landscape design, landscape ecological park by the artificial lake of water main, so light water accompanied by poetic dwelling people,
Use of docks, gazebos, platforms, etc. to make residential affinity. In the design of individual buildings, emphasizing the residential green, pastoral. Room facade has a rich layering, high-rise buildings and low-rise residential harmony and unity,
Emphasizes residential facade culture and geographical characteristics, reflecting different local - share a distinct characteristic residence.

Add: Kunshan, Jiangsu
Area: 205,000㎡
schedule: Completed in 2010