Oriental Garden Verona

East Verona is - not a high-end price for the pursuit of easy little scene style make-plot design knot Taiwan and Italy Xiaotong colorful wall paint color performance, won the - kind of colorful, dignified face does not float brilliant pink gas
A variety of tones. East Verona project largely reflects the design of the original idea, ill other properties on the market at the moment the norm, reflecting the - kind of independence - goes for visual effects.
   Clubs, Juliet balcony and sculpture: Considering the project in Yang Cheng Chao Avenue advertising and visual identification of needs, we designed the projects main clubhouse - Block tower. In the details of the design, we thumb Verona, Italy Zhu
Ring leaves the former residence of Juliet balcony design in the second floor of the tower height position in the clubhouse to watch up close on the square, in the interior design of the tower stairs, by the square - up to a balcony. In this way, people can balcony
Lan and squares to produce visual interaction and behavior, a balcony in full accordance with the original design size sampan to copy, on the balcony next fork designed Juliet bronze body, and the second floor balcony echoes,
     This narrative scene cleverly designed grid architecture, landscape and sculpture combine for a thumb for the district - one with a fun, iconic content, and even for the district and the surrounding area offers youth - a great
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Add: Suzhou Industrial Park
Area: 500,000㎡
schedule: Completion