•Drainage designer 

1,water supply and drainage professional background, Bachelor degree or above;
2, engaged in building water supply and drainage design work, there is a good theoretical basis, certain design work experience, as well as team spirit;
3, more than two years work experience required

•Structural Engineer 

1, independently complete construction design;
2, the project implementation phase diagram independently completed the design of the construction deepening;
3, with the relevant departments to complete the work.

1, motivated, active, attentive, patient, responsible and have a good work ethic and team spirit;
2, civil engineering related undergraduate degree or above, more than 1 year experience in structural design; computer skills, proficiency in CAD ​​and graphics software PKPM etc.;
3, with solid professional knowledge, familiar with national and local architectural design specification, there are certain processes field problems.

•Architectural Intern 

An architecture professional, specialist education, junior reading better;
2, love the building professional, a better team spirit;
3, master AutoCAD, Photoshop, Sketchup, and other related software.


1, with the project leader to develop design options and deepen until the completion;
2, under the guidance of the architect of the project, the completion from the program, preliminary design to the whole process of design drawings, to complete the various civil projects and programs, landscape design, construction design and have strong design ability.

1,2 years of work experience in the design or architectural professional elite graduates;
2, the formal institutions of Architecture, Bachelor degree or above;
3, strong expertise, familiar with the professional norms, learning and strong, good communication skills, high sense of responsibility for work;
4, master office automation, CAD drawing software, Photoshop and related software operation;
5, construction experience is preferred.

•Landscape Architects 


1, according to the design conditions, the overall planning and landscape of current problems and proposed solutions, and associated drawings, text and model performance;
2, according to the creative staff design creativity, refinement, deepening planning to draw various types of urban design, gardens, squares, architectural pieces total program plane, analytical drawings.



1,2 years and above experience in landscape design (or related professional elite graduates), independently complete the design work, familiar with construction drawing design work;

2, the formal institutions garden, Bachelor degree or above;
3, strong expertise, familiar with the professional norms, learning and strong, good communication skills, high sense of responsibility for work;

4, master office automation, CAD drawing software, Photoshop and related software operations.

•Electrical Engineer 

1, involved in the determination of project electricity program, to provide advice for the design drawings;
2, electrical construction drawing review;
3, on-site electrical engineering construction quality inspection and technical guidance;
4, to participate in the tender technical evaluation of electrical engineering work;
5, participating in major electrical equipment selection argumentation;
6, good electrical engineering new technology promotion and application of new technologies gatekeeper work;
7, involved in the project planning work for the project planning to provide relevant information, data and good co-ordination and planning of the good electrical engineering related.

A full-time college electrical construction related professional (industrial automation, electrical automation) specialist / Bachelor degree or above;
2,5 years or more building electrical design or project management experience, with a good level of technical expertise;
3, skilled use of skills in CAD and other related equipment design and construction design software;
4, solid professional knowledge, familiar with the norms of the profession, procedures, familiar with the latest technological developments;
5, can independently undertake the electrical project design, there is a strong professional knowledge inquiring mind;
6, to organize and coordinate the construction design of the profession, that is coordinated with other professional relationships, analyze problems and problem-solving ability;
7, the understanding of the project design process flow into all kinds of professional, able to read architectural drawings;
8 work, steady, serious and responsible, careful and precise, with good professional quality and teamwork and communication skills.

•HVAC designers 

1, can be handled independently of the professional design drawings;
2, the preparation of design specifications and calculations;
3, the design drawings for construction site coordination and deepen the design drawings;
4, involved in the design coordination meetings and providing information solutions to problems.

1, college building HVAC and related majors;
2, more than five years of working experience and Design Institute, Shanghai and the country are familiar with design specifications and the relevant technical specifications;
3, skilled use of AUTO CAD and MS OFFICE;
4, with a high degree of responsibility, can work under pressure.

•Construction plans designer 

The companys services include:
Office buildings, commercial buildings, residential buildings, educational buildings, tourism architecture, urban and regional planning, factory planning, plant and supporting facilities. Can assume overall project and the monomer solution design, preliminary design and detailed design drawings, provide a full range of technical documents and the entire process of technical services.

Companies in the "Design Innovation natural" concept, through continuous supply of quality design work, quality service, and strive to create harmony between man and nature space.

1, more than five years work experience;
2, Bachelor degree or above.

•Marketing Officer 

1, to understand architectural design industry, there are more than 2 years relevant work experience.

•Building Room Project Leader (construction drawings based) 

One, architecture, bachelor degree or above, more than five years and institute work experience, must be a registered architect and need to register on the Company;

2, skilled use of graphics software, capable of building energy calculations involved five or more items from the early expansion - construction drawing of the whole design is better;
3, mature, have good communication and coordination skills.


Note: This position focuses on the construction design.